When Peter, got dumped by his girlfriend Sarah after a five year relationship, he wanted to get as far away as possible. He cries, he mopes, and do everything to continue normal life but not successful. When his best friend Brian suggests Hawaii as a perfect destination to escape all his problems and to get away from everything, he decides to go there. Apparently... at the same place, there is Sarah with her new boyfriend, an English rocker. The weeping and moping starts again, until Peter is rescued by Rachel, a thoughtful hotel clerk who invites him to a luau and to hang out. Although he constantly runs into Sarah and Aldous, Peter starts to come alive again. Will Sarah realize what she's lost, and what about Rachel?

By far the raunchiest and most adult-oriented pick of the group, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of those breakup movies that you can't stop both laughing and crying at. Filled with disturbing, honest, painful and yet hopeful scenes that follow the male lead from the moment he's broken up with, Forgetting Sarah Marshall isn't for the faint of heart (or those offended by full male nudity). Then again, neither is a nasty breakup.