Breaking ups are always stressful. You are full of emotions, and your mood is going up and down very often. At one moment you fell fine, but at another you cannot stand the pain. Some of the people never want to come back to the ex, but some hope it will happen if they do the right steps. But anyway, the most important is the feeling that whatever happens you will be ok.

Here are some advices about how to start feeling better right now:
  • Find some new occupation, new hobby. Enjoy the things you love, sports, dancing, painting, walking, etc. Do something that you will be proud of, and that will make you feel good.
  • Spend the time with your friends and family. Go out, have fun. Maybe there are some people you didn’t have time to see much when you were in relationship. Socialize yourself.
  • Don’t ever call your ex and beg or cry. You will have periods that you think of it, but try to resist. After some time you will know if relationship is really over, or there is any hope. Wait a little bit, maybe the other side will call you first. Anyway, the time makes you smarter and stronger.
  • Take your time and think about your relationship from the beginning to the end. Where did you make mistakes, where did he/she made mistake. What did you learn from this. The humans always make mistakes, but also learn from their own mistakes. Whatever happened never blame yourself. It will not help. Anyway, the things you learned from this experience will make your next relationship stronger.
  • Start dating when you feel ready. Don’t stay away from other people for long time. Going out can boast you ego, and help the healing process. But don’t ever rush into another relationshio as long as you didn’t clear your feelings about the ex. Take time, and if the new person is worth of it, he/she will wait for you.